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Hi, I'm Steve!

I'm a self-made millionaire, having transitioned from a career as a public school teacher to achieving financial freedom at the age of 33 through strategic investments.

My mission is to empower everyone to invest and reach financial freedom sooner than expected. Don't settle for a lifetime of unfulfilling work until retirement. Let's break free together.

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Create Your Own Income. 

No matter how you define financial freedom, the path to achieving it is entirely within your control.

I've helped 5,000+ wealth builders to get started on their financial freedom journey. 

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Invest for Freedom

Learn which stocks to invest for the long term to exponentially grow your wealth and reach financial freedom much faster than you thought possible.

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Trade for Income

Take 15 minutes every Monday morning to make monthly income with Wall Street’s biggest, secret strategies: selling covered calls, cash-secured puts, and spreads.

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Ask for Guidance

Ask your questions in the community and see what investments and trades we make for the week!

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Learn how to save, budget, and invest as a beginner

I created this e-book and money cheat sheet to provide actionable steps tailored for beginners like you.

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I'll share the investment strategies I used to build my wealth. Join this interactive class to discover how you can grow yours too. 

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